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All of us would like a break now and again. The hectic schedules of daily work life and the bare minimum period of time we get to our own selves, can spell out a stress and anxious self. Relaxation is not merely an excuse to get away; it is an essential function for your body to minimise stress and bring the functioning of its organs and systems back to normal.

While days off are a rare treat, the fact that it is only one day at a time for some, means they end up wasting it. Most prefer to sleep in so that they can catch up on some rest, but wake up groggy and ready for work the next day, feeling just the same anyway.

Using your day off to do things you love and enjoy, rather than staying closed in at home, will boost your happiness levels and ensure that you survive your chaotic work life, at least until your next day off.  Enjoy your day off with salon that offer a professional range of beauty services or recommended by someone.

Go to a museum or an aquarium

Every major city has a museum and an aquarium; but how many of us actually bother to go to the ones in our own city? Spend your day taking the time to visit your local museum or aquarium (or both!), and experience a calming enjoyment of fascinating history and encountering creatures of the deep.

Why not throw in the planetarium into the mix? While an observatory is functional only at night, a planetarium will allow you to take a unique journey through the extraterrestrial world during the day time of your day off. You may find that finding fascinating and riveting places right in your own backyard is easier than you imagined.

Visit an amusement park

Tap into your inner childhood; visit your local amusement park. Queue up in front of every ride and make sure you eat all the delicious theme park food on offer. Take a group of your friends with you and have a girls’ day out/boys’ day out. This will be a fun way to catch up with your friends, but not limit it to the same boring old coffee shop.

Pamper yourself

Mobile hair and makeup Sydney centres are all the rage in big cities these days. Look for one in your neighbourhood (check online) and take your girlfriends with you for a spa date.

Better yet, if you have any day spa gift vouchers, this would be the perfect occasion to contact the spa for a reservation and use the vouchers up.

A spa day will make you feel pampered and relaxed; something you will definitely benefit from after months of tireless work life.