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Looking like Emma Watson or Kylie Jenner are some things that many of us fancy to do as they have become the ultimate celebrities who has raised the bar for the almost perfect looks that could kill.  Being a celebrity in any form in any field such as acting, singing or dancing places a huge burden on your shoulders as you are expected to look dashing and flawless even when you go grocery shopping. But, not knowing the difficulties, many of us are dreaming of stealing the red carpet looks of our favourite celebrities with every intention of doing anything to look like them. Below is a guide for you if you are on the lookout to stealing red carpet looks that we believe could help you.

Do I have to change my outer look?AS much as you would want to say that it doesn’t, the truth is that the looks matter a lot if you want to look like a celebrity. It does not mean that simply because your favourite model has done a laser liposuction to look 10 times slimmer, that you have to get one too. You could try all the natural ways to lose weight and look like her without so much trouble and cosmetic procedure to make things bad. Confidence Many artists are there on this day because they were confident in themselves and there were confident that hard work is what takes you a long way even though you are a very well on your looks. So, models and actresses wake each and every day with a number of scripts by their sides. However, more than the looks most actresses have said that is being confident in your skin and being extra sensitive when dealing with clients that has made them look even more beautiful on the outside. So if you looking to steal the looks of Emma Watson make sure you steal her secret of being absolutely self-conscious and confident so that you too could start looking confidently star-like Artificial fixing Many of the actresses and the models are working together with media agencies and newspapers and TV so that they could stay in business. It is their business to look good and beautiful so that they get paid for it. However, the difficult part for them would be to maintain the same looks for a long time somehow as the looks are what mostly gets their job done.

They might have to do breast augmentation and many other cosmetic surgeries that can be painful and not so favourable for your health. If you badly want to look like your star, you could try to these artificial procedures as well being full-aware of their repercussions and the problems that may arise out of it.Be prepared for the situation Many celebrities gets asked many unwanted questions and their success is also determined by how well they can come up with ad- hoc answers which are creative and have been not shown in media before. So if you are on the lookout of looking like a celeb, then preparation for the situation regardless of what it might be, must be another thing you should focus on.