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As human beings, we are prone to many diseases. Some illnesses could be cured from home remedies while there could be other serious sicknesses that might require surgeries and transplants. There are many instances where we find people who suffer from various illnesses due to negligence. Sometimes we might not take care of ourselves and end up in a position where we are diagnosed with a serious illness. Many women go through Mensuration cramps every month. Sometimes these cramps could be caused due to another medical condition. Many women refuse to speak up about this matter which results in a severe sickness. One of the main reasons why many women do not seek medical help is because they are unaware of these illnesses. Following are some medical reasons for Mensuration Cramps.Endometriosis

There are many procedures out there such as vaginal tightening treatment that would benefit you in many things. However, when it comes to your mensuration cycle, if you have extreme cramps, it could be due to a condition called Endometriosis. This is a condition where there is a growth in tissues outside the uterus without it being inside. This condition could cause serious issues such as infertility as well. Many women experience no symptoms however, painful cramps during mensuration could be one symptom. Therefore, if you are facing an issue as such, it is best advised to seek medical help.


This is another medical condition associated with severe pain and cramps during mensuration. Most of the women do not have any symptoms other than suffering from period cramps. Fibroids are similar to tumors that grows in your uterus. If you suffer from conditions such as server cramps and pelvic pain, it is important to make sure that you visit a prolapse clinic or a gynecologist to get proper medical support of vaginal prolapse Melbourne. However, fibroids are not cancerous and there are many instances where these are left untreated. However, based on the size, pain and growth some doctors might advise the patient to undergo a surgery to remove the fibroid.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

This is a condition that is usually caused due to a sexually transmitted disease. This disease causes all the pelvic organs to go through inflammatory condition. Other than severe pain during mensuration, bleeding in between your cycle is also a reason for this condition. This condition is mostly common among young women. This condition could be cured from the intake of anti-biotics.

If you are suffering from constant pain in your lower abdomen and pelvic area, you should visit your doctor and get checked as it could be caused due to one of the above medical reasons.