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You must have no taste celebrities have long hair on one day, and short hair the next day. Hair weaving has made it possible to get thick and shiny hair in a very short span of time. There are different types of weaves available these days. Basically, you will need to make the right choices according to your personalized requirements.

How to use the sew in weaves

Weave hair extensions are attached to the hair at professional salons. The synthetic hair is braided with natural hair and is laid flat on the scalp. They look better and last for long as compared to clips or wigs. The procedure can be completed in three to four hours, depending on the texture and volume of client’s hair. To gain more ideas about this weave hair extensions you can linked here for more details.

Drawstring weave hair extensions are safe to use. Unlike other techniques, it never puts stress on hair. No adhesives are used to attach them. Hence, users can conveniently attach and remove them as per their wish. Users can make high-tailed ponytail and even buns after applying them.

Glue in weaves

Glue in weaves is quick, easy and cost efficient solution. However, if you do not apply them properly, they might damage your natural hair. If glue is not properly applied, it can even break down hair. You do not need to waste money in salons when you can easily apply ‘glue in weaves’ at home.

However, you must gain a little knowledge about this method before proceeding ahead. They can provide you great volume that you always wished for. Half weaves are attached to natural hair using combs. Once applied you could easily try out trendy hairstyles.

Lace front weave technology is preferred by many Hollywood celebrities. If your natural hair is damaged by using different hair styling products and heat, you can select this method. However, if they are not properly attached to natural hair, they can result in further hair loss, especially around nape.

Custom hair weaves are available in the market to suit individual requirement. Under this method, clients could get weaves designed as per the texture, length and color of your hair. As the weaves are prepared on special requests, they are little expensive than other options.

Your hair stylist will recommend you the timeframe for using the weaves. Make sure that you do not use it beyond that, because it will simply mess up your looks. If you have oily hair, your hair might start tangling if you still continue to use the weave with your hair for extended period of time. It would be better to go back to a stylist to have been rearranged freshly.