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Each and every single person who is planning to ink his/her body, read this first and then decide what do to with the body. We all are aware of those patterns on the body which are known as ‘tattoos’ some make to show love to their partners (tattoo the name of the body parts), make designs to show the personality (tattoo the face of a lion on the body parts) and there are some people who link the ink with spirituality and make designs likewise. It’s completely a personal choice to go for a tattoo engraving on the body. But before even selecting a design for the body just wait! And think twice, thrice or take a week or a month before actually going for it. Like they say that nothing comes easy so is the case with the tattoo, so let’s discuss few things which everybody should think way before indulging in the process of tattoo making on the body:

Extreme pain: those who still have this misconception that, pain in tattoo making is just a myth or false claim; honestly they all are so wrong about it! Tattoo is made on the body with a needle, that needle in real gets inside the layer of the skin and paint the ink inside (which makes it more permanent and give it a clean look). It’s like the tattooist in Sydney will puncture the skin of the targeted body part; which is more painful than it just sounds.


Body part: be careful while designating a body part for inking, because as humans we have some areas of our body which are tender and sensitive by nature. So it is very important to select the body area carefully, lower back, behind the neck, back thigh, calve muscle, ankle or neck; usually people see some singer or wrestler and gets fascinated and select the same body part for himself/herself; BAD IDEA! Select carefully.

Needle: since this process involves a sharp and excessive use of a needle in the gun, try to make sure that the maker is a professional artist (tattoo maker) and not using a used needle or anything which can cause skin infection or any other dangerous disease (health issues)

Design: Whoa! Make that snake on my neck! STOP! The more unique and critical the design the more painful it will be. Just don’t select the design which is unbearable, or else it will make you regret the moment needle would touch the skin?

No going back: till now there is no such easy procedure for tattoo removal. Yes! Laser treatment is there, but it is seriously expensive and again the exposure to the laser rays may create a negative impact on the skin cells and tissues. Select carefully and think. Think again before you ink.

If you have visited a salon and had literally any of its services – whether that was a relaxing hair wash, a pedicure or a massage – you would definitely know just how blissful it is to leave your body in the hands of a professional. You know that they will do a very good job, and the few minutes of being pampered without a care in the world can do so much to rejuvenate both your mind and body.

That being said, whilst everyone will agree on how awesome it is to visit a salon, many will also shun away from their regular salon visit, and instead try to DIY their way at home. Whether that is making natural face masks with home ingredients or trying your hand at sugar waxes, most will agree that the results are quite lacklustre most of the time. So why not just visit the salon instead? If the prices are the reason why you are not going, then think again – most salons have very affordable prices given the services they offer. And if you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons as to why you should make the monthly visit:

  • Acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. – it may be your hormonal imbalances, or maybe, you tried out a new product and your face was having none of it. Any woman has dealt with breakouts of acne, rashes, blackheads and every other unsightly way the body has of telling us we are doing something the wrong. For starters, the salon can tell you what you are probably doing wrong – and that can put a stop to the breakouts – and secondly, you can count on their amazing facial Potts Point and clean-ups to soothe your face’s skin in the aftermath.
    • Eyebrows – if you think shaping your eyebrows is easy enough to do, you might not have tried using your tweezers yet. Almost any person who has tried to do so has invariably thinned out their eyebrows in ways they did not expect, or worse yet has somehow messed up in a way that looks presentable no more. The salon is your best bet when it comes to eyebrow care – if you want to have full brows without much to do, there are procedures such as eyebrow feathering, and if you simply want to give them a more uniform shape, you can have an eyebrow threading session.
      • Haircuts – and to conclude, your hair. Unless you are trained in the art of cutting hair, there is an almost certain possibility that you will mess up your hair the moment you pick up the scissors and snip it off. Whether you want a mere trim or want to opt for a drastic hair change, it is always better to spend a few bucks more and rely on a professional.
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